The Great Pumpkin Debate


As a fitness and health enthusiast I try and choose snacks that will benefit and fuel my goals that’s why I was excited to try the latest creation from Quest Nutrition, their limited edition Pumpkin Pie Quest Bar.  I wanted to try it to see if all the hype was valid but as a not so pumped about pumpkin fan, my pumpkin tastes are limited to pumpkin ice cream or bread, but I figured I’d give it a shot. I was lucky enough to get the last two Quest Bars at GNC figuring I would scoop it up in case they were really good.  When I decided to do a review on the bars, I thought to make things interesting instead of just doing a review I would do a comparison of the Pumpkin wars so to speak. The Pumpkin Pie Quest Bar vs. Lenny & Larry’s Pumpkin Spice Cookies.  So here’s the skinny on battle Pumpkin.

The Pumpkin Pie Quest bar clocks in at 220 Calories, 19 carbs 12 grams of fat and 21 grams of protein. The bar itself is like many of the other Quest bars a dense, chewy texture, the difference between this Quest bar and others is this is the first coated quest bar coated in a pumpkin coating with graham cracker pieces. In other words a clean-eating version of Pumpkin Pie, but I guess as a person not being a fan of Pumpkin Pie is where this bar fails me. I found the coating to be off-putting and unnecessary and I also thought that although the bar had a sweetness the Pumpkin flavor was lacking and almost non-existent and certainly not one I would compare to Pumpkin Pie, maybe they should have called it Pumpkin essence.  I know it must be hard to come up with flavors and craft bars that contain all the necessary components of a Quest Bar and still taste good and although you can’t please everyone I believe this bar was an epic fail and I would happily give my extra bar away for those calories are not some I would want to expend again.  In comparison, the Pumpkin Spice Cookies by Lenny & Larrys are quite different, granted one is a bar and one is a cookie but the key word here is pumpkin and that’s where Lenny & Larry’s has Quest beat.

Lenny & Larry’s Complete Pumpkin Spice Cookie  clocks in at 210 Calories for 2 servings 29 Carb and 8 Protein and 7 grams of fat. The cookie is soft baked texture of a freshly baked cookie and immediately smells like Pumpkin and the flavors of fall and looks authentic and natural.  As far as flavor it’s all pumpkin it hits you right away and is a great way to cheat clean if your macros allow. It’s really a matter of macros and preference with less calories and fat but more carbs one has to make a choice

but that is also for two servings. So for more bang for your Pumpkin buck I’d grab a cookie and split it with a friend. Sorry Quest you lost this one.


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