Meeting Amanda Latona: Inspiration and Motivation

With my last blog, focusing on the negativity of Nicole Arbour, I decided to counter that negativity with some positivity meeting my inspiration and motivation in my weight loss and fitness journey BSN Athlete and IFFB Pro Amanda Latona Kulco. When I first got interested in fitness and began researching new exercise and fitness tips, I came upon the Fitness RX webpage on Facebook, it offered tips and tricks from some of the top athletes and professionals in the field and Amanda Latona was one of them. Before I watched the first video of her Fitness Rx for women series ” No, if’s ands or butts” I remember thinking how pretty she was and how someone who looked like her would probably be so into fitness that she would talk down to or dimiss others that might not be so fit like some other videos I’ve seen but that was nothing of the sort. Her videos were inspiring and engaing and motivating. She talks to her viewers and fans like old friends, and tailors her exercises to fit every woman’s fitness level. She is real and down to earth and says it like it is, so when I heard about the Europa Games in Atlantic City I knew I had to go, not only because it would be a fun day getting to experience new and different things like seeing a bodybuilding show, participating in contests and getting free samples of fitness goodies. I hoped I would be able to meet her. I tweeted her a number of times to find out where she would be appearing and she said she would be making a number of stops but didn’t list anything specific except the Arnold. I waited and kept checking to see where she would appear, still nothing. When I heard about the Europa Games, I asked her if she was going to go and never got an answer, I decided to go anyway, the day before the expo she tweeted she was on her way to Atlantic City and I knew THIS WAS IT! I was going to meet Amanda Latona I had no doubt in my mind it was going to happen.

When my companion and I got to the expo I made a beeline for the BSN booth the company Amanda represents, It was only the first few minutes after the expo doors had opened but I found my way to the BSN booth and low and behold standing in front of me was Amanda Latona,  I think the first thing I said was ” You’re beautiful” and she said “Thank You” I showed her my Team Amanda shirt and talked to her about the Oxygen Challenge and my weight loss and showed her the pics. She spent almost 30 minutes with me chatting, listening, giving me tips and tricks on exercise and nutrition, she said I’m here to help. She is so sweet and motivating and real. She’ll tell you to eat that Peanut butter cup, or that she eats chocolate every night.  With the challenege having so many different body types and different people with different goals she tries to help us all and accept everyone for who they and not what they look like. What makes us beautiful is what’s on the inside and that’s radiated to what’s on the outside. I am so happy to have met her because she truly is beautiful in every way. I am a big believer in everything happens for a reason, everyone in my life has taught me a lesson, or given me a gift whether, it be friendship, love, advice, inspiration. I just hope I can give some of what has been given to me back to others.11988678_10153660456003092_1244119304766118194_n


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