A New kind of “Perfect”

” Found the pieces in my hand, they were always there it just took some time for me to understand.” My weight loss journey, hasn’t been an easy one. It seems like I have always been searching for something outside of myself or a new goal to attain to prove something to myself to reach the perfection that I always seemed to chase after but I am not perfect, never have been and will never be perfect and I accept hat now. I will not wallow in comparison but only compare myself to what I was able to do today that I wasn’t able to do yesterday. Instead of hating my body, I love what it can do and what I’ve been able to accomplish. I’ve done things I’ve never thought possible, and the fear of imperfection, rejection, food, and not being “good” enough has gone away because now I am strong in both body and mind.  I have come to a place of balance, maintanance and knowing I am in control of my body and mind and in the end the numbers don’t matter because I have nothing to prove but to myself. In getting stronger and feeding the “Beast” the drive, motivation and determination within me, I never felt more confident, strong and beautiful. I like to push my limits and defy them because in the end there are no limits except the ones that you impose on yourself. I am ready to pursue new dreams, and new realities and outlooks because I truly believe if you can believe it and visualize it you can acheieve it. I saw the person I am today from the beginning because she is what I always wanted to be and now I am ready to let her shine and unleash the vixen so watch out!


Double Chocolate Protein Pancakes

I love pancakes and waffles and although I have given up many of my favorite treats, I found I can still enjoy my favorite foods by just making some simple swaps or finding healthier versions of them. It was in this instance that I was inspired to create Double Chocolate chip pancakes. I always liked Ihop’s Double Chocolate Chip Pancakes but with a whopping 550 calories and 18 grams of fat that’s a clean eating NO, NO.  In my recipe, I substituted Protein pancake mix, Protein Powder and Cocoa nibs.

The recipe is as follows

1 c. Kodiak Cakes Powercakesm Whole Grain Buttermilk.

1.cup water

1 Scoop Body Tech Whey Protein in Rich Chocolate or any Chocolate Protein Powder you prefer. This was the one I had on hand but next time I would use Whey Isolate (less Calories, Carbs).

1/2 tsp Trader Joes Dark Chocolate Cocoa Nibs, Chocolate Chips can be used if macros allow but I decided this would be healthier.

Mix together and put in a heated griddle, till pancake browns on the sides and is ready to flip. Makes about 6 4″ pancakes.

I topped mine with 2 Tbsp of Plain non-fat Greek Yogurt, strawberries and Walden Farms zero calorie, Sugar free Chocolate Syrup. So yummy! Give it a try and let me know what you think.

Recipe Notes: Kodiak Cakes have 14 grams of Protein if only water is added but for added Protein egg and milk can be added in lieu of water for added protein up to 21 grams.