Snacks At Your Fingertips

Many of those who are into clean eating and living a healthy lifestyle are usually planners, we plan our meals, snacks, workouts, cheat meals, etc. It seems like Snack and food companies have recognized the demand and popularity that clean eating isn’t a fad it’s a lifestyle change and have created opportunities for those who choose to eat healthier to have the option at their fingertips, or snacks by mail with companies like Bulu Box, and Graze leading the pack.

Bulu Box’s concept is simple,  the company offers a membership fee of $10 a month and each month you will get a new box with 4-5 premium samples to try, you can choose from a general or weight loss box, or create your own mix of products. Once you recieve your products in the mail, you will get a card with all the product descriptions and be asked to review them. For each review you write, you earn points to go towards another Bulu Box. The option to cancel is good at anytime.  Another company with a similar concept is Graze.

Graze was created by seven health concious friends who wanted a better way  to snack without the guilt, the outcome Graze, it gives customers different boxs to choose from with 4-5 samples but over 90 choices to pick and choose from should you not find your desired option, options include a variety or sample box, a sweet box or savory box, It gets rid of the boredom, and repititiveness of eating the same snacks every day while still eating healthy. I’ve enjoyed getting food from both these sites, and both offer promotions and deals from time to time to make the expense even more affordable. It’s a way to try something new without the commitment. I suggest giving these sites a try. Let me know what you think. and


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