A Quest for Smore…

Although, I am little late to the party, I am finally reviewing Quest Nutrition’s latest protein bar creation, the Smores bar. When one envisions a smore pictures of campfires, graham crackers and melted chocolate and marshmellows melting over your hands and mouth are what probably come to mind. As much as Quest has tried to capture this, I wouldn’t say they yielded the desired result, but a good one for the product at hand. However, if one is expecting the bar itself to taste like a smore from your hey days you’ll be disappointed. The bar itself had a good texture, it seemed softer and more pliable than other Quest bars, it had a good ratio of marshmellow and chocolate, but the graham cracker pieces seemed to be lacking. The marshmellow flavor was mellow, not overly sweet which I liked since I’m not a huge marshmellow fan but the globs of chocolate got me they created the perfect balance and I’m a chocolate lover at heart.  Like many of the Quest bars, this one tastes best warmed in the microwave or oven for a few minutes to bring out it’s texture and softness.  I tried the bar, because I enjoy the Quest products and  frequently use their bars post workout so when this flavor came out, I knew I had to try it but although I know some might disagree, the bar leaves  a lot to be desired and just leaves you wanting smore….


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