A Set Point

In the past few years going through my weight loss journey of actually losing the weight and hitting the goal or number many people have told me, you’ll have plateaus, and your body has a set point that your body wants to be at. I understand where these people are coming from and there is probably a lot of evidence to support their statements. However, I have become passionate about health and fitness and have done my own research and know that people can go beyond their “Set” point in a variety of ways some may be healthy and some unhealthy. I have chosen to do it the healthy way by being meticulous with my diet and exercise and just continue to tell myself that in the end ” Failure is not an option” a friend told me that a long time ago and every time I face a difficult goal or situation I remember that. I also remember and want to point out that these people even with their good intentions, are not me, they don’t know what I’ve dealt with, been through, or what I am capable of handling. When I have a goal, my mind is made up and I will do whatever it takes to make my goals happen, because I believe in myself, in my abilities, in my capabilities and know that at my core my inner strength, mind and heart and determination are the strongest muscle I have, and no one decides my “SET POINT” but ME! I am in control of my life and what makes me happy. So before, you berate me or enslave me with your words of negativity, disgust, or “concern”  know that I know myself better than you. I am a strong, fit, determined woman who has dreams and a passion to become the best she can possibly be and I see nothing wrong with that. So let live and let learn and don’t let society, their standards or opinions, influence what you are, what you are capable  of and what you become.


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