Betting on Yourself Is The Best Incentive

When I made the decision to lose 100lbs. I made the decision and went full speed ahead from there. I had tunnel vision, I had a goal, to meet the number, to meet my expectations, have more energy, look good, feel good and become more physically fit. As I continued on my journey, I just kept setting goals for myself and raising the bar higher because I like the challenge and it keeps me accountable. Some of those challenges were participating in weight loss contests, whether it was a contest sponsored by my gym, or others that offered cash as an incentive for weight loss like DietBet where within 28 days you have to lose 4% of your body weight in order to win a cash prize that you split with several winners. Another contest I participated in was with HealthyWage a great website that offers multiple challenges either either a BMI challenge which if you get your Body Mass Index within a certain percentage you win a hundred dollars. They also have team challenges where you can create or join a team to split a $10,000 pot to whoever loses the most lbs and finally a trasnformer challenge where you must lose 10% of your bodyweight. I only participated with HealthyWage’s BMI challenge but the great thing about contests like these at least for me as a competitve, motivated and determined person is that it keeps me accountable and keeps me on track and is essential a smaller scale version of The Biggest loser and they are just a lot of fun. If you are looking to lose a few pounds I highly suggest you check some of these sites out. They can be found at, . Speaking of Healthy Wage here is my success story that they featured on their blog Let me know what you think!


Sunday Funday


                                               Sunday Fun Day

 For me it’s essential to plan and write down my meals not only for each day but also for the week. Every Sunday, I decide what I am going to cook for the week and prep as much as I can and cook some or all of my meals so I can reheat them later when I get home from work. I think for me it’s an essential tool for clean eating not only because you don’t have to think about what you’re going to cook each day, it keeps track of my calories and insures I don’t binge or eat something I shouldn’t because I’m tired and don’t want to cook. I try to put an emphasis on high protein meals combined with low carb veggies because that is what has worked for me. However, now that I have hit my weight loss goal I allow starchy carbs and bread products occasionally as I did for today’s prep.

 Today I prepared two recipes one is courtesy of where you can track your food, exercise, earn points and trophies for blogging, read articles and so on. They also have a community and recipe board filled with great suggestions for any meal of the day. You can find the recipe here:

As usual I performed what I like to call the “ Mondo Method” and changed and tweaked it a bit. I didn’t have enough peppers for the whole recipe but had the ground turkey and leftover brown rice so I decided to make them anyway. After I baked the peppers. I added a can of black beans to the leftovers and it’s a complete meal for the week a cup of that and a small side salad should consist of a good lunch or dinner and is high in protein.

The second recipe I made is a high protein pancake courtesy of Michael Kory and his link on You Tube Lean Body Lifestyle. The recipe consists of:

2 cups of Egg Whites

½ cup of Oats

2 scoops of your favorite Protein Powder

Again, I had to tweak this a little bit because the batter was a bit runny so I eyeballed about 1/4  cup of extra oats that I added to the batter as well as a few sprinkles of cinnamon.  For those counting calories or Macros I am not sure what they are because I don’t pay attention to that stuff you can  find the link to the video here: and ask a question or comment there if you need to know.

I will be posting some of my own recipes soon as I continue to try and tweak them. I hope you’ll try these and tell me what you think. Leave a comment or question and follow me here.


The Perfect Fit

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with my weight and the feeling the weight of “perfection” over my head and never being quite good enough and it all started at birth. From the moment I was born at three months premature people were already telling me who I was or what I was capable of. The doctors told my parents because of my low birth weight and other health concerns it was unlikely I would survive. However, it was that day that I had something inside me that was greater than the weight that sustain me and that is a stubborn indomitable will that has gotten me through every hurdle in my life and got me here today.  Each day I grew stronger and better and I’m sure as you can tell from me writing this today, I survived but not only survived but thrived and have an extraordinary life filled with people and things I never thought possible. Now, I realize it’s in the struggle where you find yourself, your worth, your purpose and what you’re made of.

Life certainly hasn’t been easy being born a preemie did create some health problems that lingered with me through my adolescent and teen years. The medications the doctors the doctors prescribed didn’t do much to help with my weight is like a yo-yo for my body. The first two medications I was put on either gave me no appetite or on my already thin frame and with my mother’s ingenious idea for the Dorothy Hamill “Bowl” cut many thought I was a boy, thank goodness my favorite color was pink! The second medicine didn’t fair any better as it made me so hyper I was like a Mexican jumping bean.  After a few years of no complications and or reoccurrences of my illness, I thought all was good in the world my body was average for my age. However, unexpectedly a high fever triggered the illness once again I was put back on medication.  This time though, doctors were limited in the medications available in my condition due to the fact that I was going through my adolescent years there could be adverse effects unfortunately there were.

The medicine the doctor chose altered and slowed down my metabolism but gave me back my appetite which means I ate a lot more and most times the wrong foods. The medicine also left me lethargic and sometimes depressed and I didn’t work out much if at all.   As my weight continued to climb throughout high school and college, I became more frustrated. I tried every diet I could think of a 1000 calorie diet from a nutritionist, Slim-Fast, Deal A Meal made famous by Richard Simmons, Herbal Life and Nutri-System but nothing seemed to work even though I was exercising more and working with a trainer. Always one to investigate and look for answers; I came upon the conclusion that I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which was later confirmed by a doctor. This relief was short lived when I looked at myself in the mirror one and didn’t recognize the person looking back. I can only describe the feeling as though you’re living in a “fat suit” because I knew the person I was inside was not being reflected on the outside. The next shock came when I saw the number on the scale 215. I was in shock, how did I get there? How could I let myself get to that point. I knew and vowed that day that I would not stay there and was going to lose 100lbs. I always seem to hold myself to high standards so that number seemed like the perfect goal, because no one believed I  could do it. They were telling me once again what I was capable of, from what I studied in school, to how I wore my hair, nothing seemed good enough for those around me and I was on a quest to prove them wrong.  This time,  I would not stop until I attained it and that’s just what I did.

My weight loss journey began in April of 2011, I started a low carb-high protein diet that I modified for myself, and Atkins wasn’t working for me. I began cutting out all starchy carbs and bread products, gave up soda, chocolate and sugar cold turkey. If you haven’t guessed by now it’s all or nothing for me. I joined a gym with my cousin and began working with a trainer once a week and working out on my own 3-4 times a week. As I got stronger, I kept making new goals for myself, raising the bar competing with myself is what kept me going and made me better.  When I was frustrated and the scale wouldn’t move, I pushed myself harder because I could see the person I always wanted to be waiting for me at the end of my journey. Through injuries, battling the dreaded water weight, obnoxious and unprofessional trainers, I found the strength in myself to push forward.  However, I knew if I wanted to really reach my goals, I had to find somebody who could teach me the right way how to get to where I wanted to be.  I finally found a great trainer who has become a friend and confidant and someone I have the utmost respect and trust for. To me he is the epitome of what a good trainer should be. He pushed my limits, challenged and changed me and made realize how important the mind body connection  is. The body won’t go where the mind doesn’t push it. In July of last year I hit my 100lb mark to my goal weight of 115. To celebrate, I bought a sexy red dress and got it tattooed on my hip to remind me of how far I’ve come and that I’m never going back.

Now, I am looking toward a new, healthy exciting chapter in my life planning to pursue a career in nutrition and weight loss. I started this journey unhealthy in both body and mind thinking the end result was all about vanity and aesthetics but it’s finding my strength and sense of self and looking in the mirror and seeing the me I was always meant to be.

So I hope you’ll come to this blog for inspiration, recipes, workout tips, motivation or whatever you see fit. I am not an expert, I am a woman who came back from the dark side to see the light and want to share my truth and what I’ve learned in the hopes of inspiring and helping someone else like I have been inspired by others.

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